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Single Cup Brewing
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The Keurig B200
  • -Dimensions: 16" H x 18" D x 10.25" W
  • -Weight: 24 lbs. empty.
  • -Water Source: Pour over or plumbed mode
  • -Brew Time: 30 seconds
  • -Coffee Packaging: Standard K-CUP
  • -Power: 120v AC
  • -UL approved to NSF standards
  • -CUL approved
  • -LED water tank level indicator
  • -Accessories: Coffee display racks
  • -Vending Units
Other Details
  • Our most versatile office brewer, designed for medium sized offices with up to 30 employees.

  • The Keurig B200 is a coffee brewing system that makes one cup at a time. This system can brew cups of coffee in either six or eight-ounce cups. The Keurig B200 is perfect for use in offices. Let's take a look at some of the features offered by this brewing system.

  • The Keurig B200 is a versatile machine when it comes to installation. The system offers a pour over and plumbed mode so that it can be installed in various locations. The plumbed mode allows you to connect the Keurig B200 to an existing water line. There is also an in-line water filter.

  • When using the Keurig B200 in pour over mode, you simply have to fill the built-in reservoir to provide water for the brews. The reservoir can hold up to 64 ounces and makes use of a filter screen. The Keurig B200 will continue to brew cups of coffee until the water reservoir is empty and needs to be refilled.

  • The Keurig B200 is also equipped with an LCD screen. This screen provides users with complete step-by-step instructions for the brewing process. The LCD screen on the Keurig B200 also provides other data such as the total number of brews the machine has completed.

  • If you want set it up so that employees have to pay to use the Keurig B200, you can use the optional vending panel. This panel is equipped with a coin accepter that accepts nickels, dimes, quarters, and Canadian dollars. You setup the Keurig B200 to charge as little as five cents, which is adjustable in $0.05 increments.

  • The Keurig B200 is also equipped with a removable drip dray that can accommodate large travel mugs. This drip tray can hold enough liquid to accommodate up to two accidental brews. It also includes a full-level indicator. The drip tray on the Keurig B200 can easily be removed for cleaning and is safe to put in a dishwasher.
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